Cork Celebrates Lifelong Learning Awards 2022

2022 Nominations are now open! 

Cork Learning City is delighted to announce that nominations are now open for the Cork Celebrates Lifelong Learning Awards 2022. Nominations will close at 5pm on Tuesday 4th October, 2022.  This is a great opportunity for the people of Cork to nominate individuals and projects that have inspired us by their innovation, endeavour and inclusion through their Lifelong Learning actions over the past 12 months.

For the second year, Cork Learning City recognises and celebrates examples of lifelong learning across all ages, interests, and abilities that demonstrate innovation, endeavor, and resilience in the context of the years 2021 and 2022.
Spirit of the Awards:
These awards are a celebration of how lifelong learning enables people to change their lives and how learning has become the vehicle for improvement in life, work and community.
All applications are welcome, but special consideration will be given to individual candidates who have overcome significant social, economic, or educational barriers to realising their full learning potential.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for evidence of sustained commitment to advancing and positively supporting the experience of lifelong learning.
Entries will be judged by the Adjudication Panel based on the following criteria:
• Demonstration of sustained effort and commitment to Lifelong Learning.
• Evidence of Innovation in their Lifelong Learning approaches over the period 2021 - 2022.
• Contribution to Community/Society through Inter-generational & inter-agency approaches. Evidence of Social Inclusion – Supporting Travellers, Minority Groups and New Communities.
• Showing evidence of learners overcoming significant barriers to learning, contributing to Lifelong Learning in their specific category and the wider community.
• Quality of Evidence and Additional support materials supplied.
For further assistance and queries, please contact

These awards are a celebration of how lifelong learning enables people to change their lives and how learning has become a way to improve in life, work and community.

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Award categories include :
• Early Years Award
• Primary Level Award
• Secondary School Award
• Youth & Community Learning
• Higher Education Award
• Further Education Award
• Adult Education: Community Education Award
• Adult Education: Workplace Learning Award
• Active Retired Award
• Exceptional Endeavour Award
• Inspirational Lifelong Learner

A flavour of the 2021 Award winners for the Cork Celebrates Lifelong Learning Awards below.


The awards provided a great opportunity for the people of Cork to nominate individuals and projects that have inspired us by their innovation endeavor and resilience through their Lifelong Learning actions over the past year. 

These awards are a celebration of how lifelong learning enables people to change their lives and how learning has become a way to improvement in life, work and community.


Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate individuals and projects and of course, thanks to all our wonderful nominees for their inspirational endeavours in Lifelong Learning . 

Click on any of the Categories below to find out about the overall winners, shortlisted nominees and 'Roll of Honour' for each category  in 2021

Early Years Award
Primary Level Award 
Secondary Level Award
Youth in Community Award
Higher Education Awards
Further Education Award
Community Adult Education Award
Workplace Learning Award
Active Retired Award 
Exceptional Endeavour Award
Inspirational Lifelong Learner Award

Early Years Category

Congratulations to the Early Years Category Winner 2021 :
Little Bird Babble


Little Bird Babble is a multidisciplinary arts participation project conceived by visual artist Rachel Doolin and designed and delivered alongside collaborators George Hanover (actor) and Fiona Kelleher (musician). Little Bird Babble, a meaningful and inspiring project intended to nurture connections and wellbeing among children and families living in Ashbourne house during lockdown. This project brought joy, connection and richness to the lives of children and their families who lived in Direct Provision during the first lockdown. Every week a package arrived at the specially created Little Bird Babble post box for each child containing exciting activities to help them explore the natural environment outside their windows . Songs were created which named each child in the centre. About 40 children benefited from this. It was a magical inspired project which helped the children hungry for learning and sorely lack the resources to participate in many activities others take for granted.

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Cork

This initiative supports and encourages families to share books together at home as early as possible to facilitate early language and literacy development. It allows parents/caregivers to experience a sense of belonging to their local community and connect in with activities that are hosted in association with the Imagination Library. The Imagination Library Cork will put books into the hands and hearts of approximately 3,000 children, thus levelling the playing field for all children by helping them to build their own home library and inspire a love of reading and learning in early childhood. This effort creates a gifting experience making books exciting and shows children that someone is thinking of them, especially during Covid-19 restrictions. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

BEAG Early Years Arts Programme

Run in both city and county since 2010 BEAG is an Early Years Arts Programme specialising in creating and delivering rich artistic experiences for children from birth to 3 years and their carers. They believe this very young audience deserve access to high quality artistic experiences. They have established solid relationships with and continue to work in the Traveller Visibility Group, direct provision centres in Cork and managed to reach new settings. This year they have delivered all of the above online with a new team and developed a strategic plan, the aim of which is to make BEAG a sustainable programme. BEAG Early Years Arts Programme

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' includes:

Rockboro Preschool
Rockboro Primary school
Oakview Village Creche, Cork City

Primary Level Category

Congratulations to the Primary Level Category Winner 2021 :
Beaumont Girl's National School


Beaumont Girls School is a primary school has approximately 280 pupils with 27 different nationalities represented in our pupil body. Our school is deeply embedded in our community. One of the highlights of our school calendar every year is Grandparent's Day, when each child can invite their Grandparents or a significant senior in their lives to attend for a variety of live performances by our pupils followed by classroom visits, a visit to our school garden topped off with some homemade cakes washed down with a cup of Barry's tea! One of the very special and unique things about our school is our extensive school garden which is in essence a school and community endeavour and has become an intrinsic part of our school life .. It was established in 2011, parents and grandparents from the community who tend to our garden on a voluntary basis. The pupils have gained a wealth of knowledge from these volunteers. Beaumont Girls National School Garden

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Lifetime Lab @ Old Cork Waterworks

Lifetime Lab is Cork's primary science center located at Old Cork Waterworks Experience on Lee Road. The site houses a Visitor Centre with interactive environmental exhibits, a coffee dock, Schools Resource Centre with dedicated classroom, a Steam Centre museum, a science themed playground and a conference room. Lifetime Labs mission is :1.To promote uptake of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects The Lifetime Lab primary STEM Programme involves the delivery of activity based workshops to primary school children; encouraging inquiry based learning, foster discovery and facilitate investigation. 2.As a working example of the use of renewable energy and energy conservation with 80% of the required energy provided from renewable resources available on site the Lab also seeks to promote a sustainable approach to living and environmental responsibility. Lifetime Lab @ Old Cork Waterworks

North Presentation Primary - STAR Project

North Presentation Primary School's ethos has always been about social inclusion, education for all and a celebration of diversity. With deep roots in the local community and generations of families still wearing the school crest with pride, we have also embraced over 40 different cultures into the school community. Recognising our duty to support all ethnic groups this year, the school has linked up with the STAR project to promote equality and educational supports to the Traveller and Roma students and families. We have created weekly study sessions, where the children receive support with homework, literacy and numeracy. This is also a safe place for the children to explore their culture and foster open and honest conversations about their heritage and the issues around being an ethnic minority . They have a space to speak their language freely and openly and meet adults who have continued onto further education. The children also work on projects to educate other children about their culture, food, dress and language. We also support Roma and Traveller parents to access outside services, fill out paperwork, translate important documents and with educational transitions. The school is open for parents to use for cooking and washing facilities and our parents room is open for them to come have coffee and chats with our adults outside of their homes. North presentation Primary School

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Secondary Level Category

Congratulations to the Secondary Level Category Winner 2021 :
Scoil Bernadette


Scoil Bernadette is a co-educational special school for students between 12 to 18 years of age with a Mild General Learning Disability. It is situated on the wider campus of Cope Foundation in Montenotte area of Cork city. There are currently 120 students on roll and all of them are unique and valued members of our school community. Some students face different challenges and have physical, educational, social and emotional needs and we help them to overcome these barriers and reach their full potential.The school aims to make each student be as independent as they can be.We do this by providing a secure, caring and supportive environment through the provision of a broad curriculum of social, personal, academic, sporting, vocational and relevant life-skills programmes. We know education is more than numeracy and literacy, it is the wellbeing of each person, staff and students and everything we do is making life in school a pleasant and memorable experience. Our motto is Learning For Living! We run afternoon activities every Wednesday and Friday for the students, during this time they can choose different activities such as walking, yoga, Lego modelling, soccer, basketball, hair and beauty, health and fitness and board games. Scoil Bernadette

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Rang Doire - Transition Year, Colaiste Daibhéid

This transition year group worked on a project with the aim of spreading positivity, creativity and fun in a time when it was so easy to focus on the negative. Under the theme 'Bá­ Dearfach', they created a guide for Teachers to create fun in a covid compliant classroom, guide for students to make the most of school and parents to support the new reality of school. They then designed and organised a competition for six primary schools where students entered any creative work that showed 'dearfacht' agus 'spraoi'. Their chosen theme focused on the wellbeing of others and how they could help people during this difficult time. They were strategic in their planning using the available resources to come up with a creative, fun and engaging idea. The students never allowed the barriers in their way to stop their progress. They reflected, adapted and moved forward with their goal of delivering a project which spread positivity and fun , first to their own school community, and then to six primary schools across the city. Although their only known methods of collaboration were not available to them, they applied their digital skills to enhance the project. Transition Year, Colaiste Daibhéid

Bishopstown Community School's Learning Hub

Bishopstown Community School is a co-educational post primary school with a Deaf Facility. The school has experienced significant growth and has set about ambitiously transforming the physical learning spaces within the school. The Learning Hub is a flexible learning space which aims to support our mission in bridging the gap of educational disadvantage and assist students to reach their potential. The Learning Hub offers a space where students will be motivated, where learning is active and collaborative, where they belong and are inspired. A place that shows that each of our students are valued. A place that they are proud of. The Learning Hub supports lifelong learning by providing a high spec physical space that has transformative power, providing students with the experience of a modern professional learning and working environment. The space is conducive to promoting the core values of inclusivity, diversity and working together.The Learning Hub will inspire students and expose them to a space similar to that of a modern corporate work space bringing together the classroom and workplace. The school hopes that with students being exposed to and facilitating access to this type of environment in school it will aid their transition from school to third level education and the world of work. Deaf Facility, Bishopstown Community School

Roll Of Honour :

Youth In Community Award Category

Congratulations to the Youth In Community Category Winner 2021 :
The Sexual Health Centre Hubs Initiative


The Sexual Health Centre (SHC) launched the Sexual Health Hubs Initiative in September 2020, providing sexual health information directly to youth through the services they already attend. The Hubs aim to make sexual health information accessible to youth in communities across Cork City and County and offer an accurate source of youth specific health information, enabling them to easily access information on sexual health (e.g. contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The SHC also provides workshops throughout the year at Hub locations, along with running information campaigns on the SHC_HUB instagram page, which also hosts a dedicated Agony Aunt segment to answer youth questions on all areas of sexual health. The Sexual Health Centre

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Music Generation 'The Island of Woods'

˜The Island of Woods' was a collaborative audio and video project led by Creative Tradition in partnership with Cork Academy of Music and Music Generation Cork City in early 2021. In total, 26 musicians of all ages were involved, and over 50 young artists submitted their visual art work. Young musicians recorded themselves playing 'The Island of Woods' by Liz Carroll, using sheet music and a click track. This audio was then all compiled together with artwork inspired by the title and these submissions were edited together to form the music video as part of the Cork St. Patrick's Festival. Music Generation

Cork Life Centre

The Cork Life Centre is an alternative Centre of education that works with 12-18 year old's who are no longer in the mainstream education system. Supporting 55 young people annually, the Centre and its staff prepare these young people for their Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations, while equally focusing on social and personal development. The Centre's approach to education is holistic and values the social education of its young people as much as the academic. They provide students with an open and accepting environment to encourage them to reach their full potential; to learn vital social and life skills; to develop positive trusting relationships with peers and staff; and to support them with issues and challenges they may face through the provision of counselling and through outreach work. They support students in their progression routes through education after they finish within the Centre. In this regard we sit with students to prepare them for progression route into further education and third-level education. We also maintain links with young people to support them should they encounter any obstacles while in further education and continue to discuss future educational and employment opportunities throughout. Cork Life Centre

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Higher Education Award Category

Congratulations to the Higher Education Category Winners 2021 :


MTU Cork Access Service, UCC PLUS+ and ACCESS PLUS+ Schools Team

MTU Access & UCC PLUS+ aims to ensure widened participation in further and higher education among groups who are under-represented, including those students who experience socio-economic disadvantage. This innovative and unique collaborative outreach model tackles educational disadvantage in Cork, benefiting DEIS schools, their students and communities, expanding the boundaries of best practice. Together we wanted to showcase a visible, unique, inter-institutional collaboration in relation to outreach. Traditionally, some may have viewed Further Education, Universities and Institutes of Technology competing against each other for the same students thus creating invisible inherited conflict. Together we want to project a positive message to our target group, acknowledging that we all have courses designed to attract different students. we saw the need to work collaboratively for the benefit of the schools and students we support. We believe our shared inter-institutional working model is a forerunner to how third level institutions can work together, share ideas and produce effective results while showcasing best practice and the way forward to best support educational disadvantage. UCC PLUS+ ProgrammeMTU Cork Access Service

MTU Disability Support Service/Career Service and DELL Technologies

The Ready Steady Work 2020/21 career development programme supports MTU (Munster Technological University) students with learning differences, health conditions and disabilities to prepare for future work. In 2020 this programme from the Disability Support Service (DSS) and Careers Service in MTU Cork campus was reimagined with the new partnership of DELL Technologies, Cork with 19 students signing up. The programme addresses the needs and challenges students with disabilities experience in job seeking, such as navigating recruitment processes, making applications, interview performance, and disclosure. The DELL Technologies collaboration was led by a recent MTU graduate who also identifies as being neurodiverse, so was able to speak to participating students from their own experience. Linking students with a major local and global employer who promotes neurodiversity through its TrueAbility programme for employees was powerful and positive, that we believe deserves to be recognised. MTU Disability Support Service/Career Service

Regina Sexton, ACE Short Courses

Regina Sexton has been teaching, supporting and advancing needs of adult learners since 1991. Her teaching career began with ACE, UCC and CETB. Her work with adult learners and students from disadvantaged communities were formative in shaping her work ethic and teaching philosophy. She believes education is a transformative and fundamental right regardless of demographic/geographic/personal barriers. Her work ethic is directed to breaking barriers to access. She initiated numerous developments centred on the importance of sites of learning (community, outreach, situational learning). In 2020, she established a bursary scheme for UCC short course students in economic difficulties. She supports/advises students in committing to returning to education. Regina Sexton, Ace Short Courses

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Further Education Award Category

Congratulations to the Further Education Award Category Winner 2021 :


UCC ACCESS+ Further Education Support Programme

ACCESS+ works to support and promote the progression of students who are under-represented in Further and Higher Education and face significant barriers to learning through social, economic or cultural inequality. ACCESS+ seeks to support students transition into and their retention in Further Education, and to increase their opportunity for progression to Higher Education. ACCESS+ provides supports directly to students (on campus or online). The range of support includes pastoral, academic, social and financial help. As the focus is on transition, there is a strong emphasis on building connections and relationships with students before they leave secondary school, through a range of Outreach visits and activities. UCC ACCESS+ Further Education Support Programme

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Dr. Trevor Carey, 'Spectroscopy in a Suitcase'

Dr. Trevor Carey is a native of Cork City, born and bred in Knocknaheeny, in the northside of the city. Trevor attended North Monastery CBS secondary school. He graduated from UCC with an honours degree in Chemistry (2004) and a PhD in Chemistry (2010). Trevor is the Senior Technical Officer for the School of Chemistry. He is responsible for undergraduate Physical Chemistry practicals and other activities in research and public engagement.Trevor is very active in outreach activities for the School of Chemistry. As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Trevor quickly adapted to move all Physical Chemistry laboratory sessions in UCC to an innovative and interactive format, delivering an excellent award winning online laboratory experience to students. Trevor's lead role in the delivery of the outreach programme, Spectroscopy in a Suitcase (SIAS), will leave a long term legacy in the schools that SIAS sessions were delivered to. Dr. Trevor Carey

Doras and Bonnington Training Centre

Doras and Bonnington Training centres provide a wide variety of learning opportunities and are specialized training centres to support young adults with a intellectual disability and/or autism. They use a learner centred empowerment approach to support students to prepare for their career and life ahead focusing on activities of daily living, social skills and employment development and work experience. Doras and Bonnington Training Centres are part of the wider Cope Foundation organisation.launched a number of innovative initiatives to achieve this, including; 1 Online Learning Hub which saw a move to a blended approach to learning which provided learning for all students; 2. The Reconnect and Reengage project which was supported by the MAEDF Fund, allowed us to purchase and lend out person centred technology to our learners and their families so they could participate in learning from home; 3. Green Campus initiative to empower our learners and their families to learn and actively participated in all things to do with sustainability and 4. The Learning For Life Ireland Podcast. Doras and Bonnington Training Centre

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Adult Community Education Award Category

Congratulations to the Adult Community Education Award Category Winner 2021 :


Mayfield Community Adult Learning Project CALP

Mayfield CALP responds to identified needs, motivates and supports adults to participate in learning programmes as a means of developing themselves and their community in an open friendly environment. It was one of the first groups that organised an event to mark the first Lifelong Festival and has participated ever since.It has actively supported and driven the Mayfield Learning Neighbourhood and continued this work over the last year.The project is constant, positive, optimistic in its approach and delivery.It aims to encourage and assist adults to take up opportunities in lifelong learning. It enables people to become actively involved in their own learning and self development and it aims to provide a long term strategy for adult learning needs in the wider Mayfield community.It has a voluntary management committee that is 100% past participants of CALP's courses/programmes. The project runs a wide variety of non accredited and accredited courses.  Mayfield CALP

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Cork City Partnership - Art and Drawing Group

Cork City Partnership (CCP) has strategically organised / delivered accredited community education courses designed to support learners that have had little formal education or have not progressed to further education. Since 2015 a group of learners have been learning Art and drawing through this means . learners were really engaging with the subject, making great strides in developing their portfolios and gaining huge support from their peers in the classroom when the March 2020 lockdown stopped 'in person' classes. The group showed commitment, innovation and resilience in adapting how learned and stayed connected. Their motivation and dedication during this time is inspiring; members regularly inform others about the positive impact that participation in the drawing classes has had on their wellbeing. These learners have in effect become advocates for local learning, encouraging others to join, their 'word of mouth' recommendation has been powerful in engaging new learners. Importantly the learners are proud of what they achieved, these achievements help foster community pride in education which motivates further learning. Cork City Partnership

Welcome English Immigrant/Language Centre

Welcome English is a voluntary community organisation committed to meeting the English needs of immigrants who are registered in the centre and recognising the dignity of each person and promoting a non discriminatory learning environment for all. Welcome English respects all cultural and religious diversity and welcomes students from Direct Provision, Refugees, Family reunification,migrant workers, Resettlement refugees . Founded in October 2000 we will be 21 years open this year. We cherish the time, talents and contribution of our Volunteers who give so freely for their time. 35 volunteers give freely of their time to teach English to students with priority given to those who have not had any formal education in their own native country. Classes moved to Zoom during Covid so that the social connection could be maintained . Over 21 years in existence over 7,000 students have passed through its doors, including generations of some families. Many go on to further education and employment and remain in contact with us. We are always here for students who needs us and importantly during Covid 19 , we manned a dedicated phone line for students and volunteers who needed to chat . We have no age limit here in Welcome English , our youngest student is 19 and our oldest is 78. A sign that you are never too old to learn. Welcome English Immigrant/Language Centre

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Community Education : Workplace Learning Initiative Awards

Adult Ed : Workplace Learning Initiative Award (MTU)


MTU Extended Campus

MTU Extended Campus

Adult Ed : Workplace Learning Initiative Award (UCC)


Belinda Gascoigne, ACE Carbery Greener Dairy Farms Project

Through their participation in the Carbery Greener Dairy Farms Project (CGDF), these farmers introduced numerous efficiencies to their practice to improve environmental sustainability on their farms. This excellent example of an educational institution and industry partnership has enabled an inclusive access route to its 1200 farmers within the Carbery Group. Additionally, the farmers are a major contributor to their respective communities through their upskilling and knowledge sharing within the course on agricultural sustainability practices. Already 45,000 trees have been planted by the farmers in their communities with support from Carbery. ACE Carbery Greener Dairy Farms Project

Adult Ed : Workplace Learning Initiative Award (Cork Chamber)


Ability@Work, Cope Foundation

The Ability @ Work programme, Cope Foundation, is a unique dedicated supported employment service which aims to bring young people with intellectual disabilities and /or autism closer to the labour market, assisting jobseekers at key transition points between education, training and employment. This funded programme is available to young people 18-29 year and has successfully placed 50 participants in active employment since 2018. During the Covid-19 pandemic Ability@Work adapted its approach and services providing a myriad of online supports ranging from upskilling to welfare checks to online certified training. We have helped to improve people's lives by gaining financial independence by having their own job. We are changing attitudes and systems within companies to be more open and inclusive when recruiting staff. We have turned around the negativity, exclusion and discrimination our jobseekers face on a daily basis. We are educating employers how to open their minds to give a person with an intellectual disability an opportuniity to become a team member. We have seen the pride, and rise in self esteem and confidence in people. We have given hope to parents who for years thought their son or daughter would not have an equal chance in life. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers people with different abilities face in education, employement and fitting into society as a whole. We challange mis-conceptions and unconcious biases in Cork, moving towards a more equal and inclusive society. Ability@Work, Cope Foundation

Adult Ed : Workplace Learning Initiative Award (CETB)


CETB & Defence Forces Cork RPL TOBAR Project

The TOBAR* Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Project is a collaborative learning partnership involving the Cork Education and Training Board and Defence Forces at Collins Barracks, Cork City. The Project enables selected members of the Defence Forces (ranks from private to non-commissioned officers) to have their skills, competencies and knowledge validated and certified through Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) certification up to level 6, through a structured process of identifying, documenting and assessing evidence of their prior formal, informal and non-formal learning. To date almost fifty members of the Defence Forces in Cork have successfully engaged in the CETB/DF TOBAR RPL Project, with each participant achieving QQI certification in a series of subject areas and with some also achieving full major awards *Tobar, from the Irish for 'well' or 'spring' a reference to people's life experience as a well of knowledge.

Active Retired Lifelong Learning Award

Congratulations to the Active Retired Lifelong Learning Award Category Winner 2021 :
Kay O'Callaghan, Scoil Barra Naofa Cailíní


Kay O'Callaghan originally from County Mayo moved to Cork when she found love with her husband Finbarr! A stalwart of Blackrock Scouting, Kay always goes above and beyond what is required or expected. She has a magical ability to fuse young and old working side by side. While developing Beaumonts School Garden over the past decade, Kay has provided effective leadership to coordinate the efforts of our community volunteers and 270 strong pupil population. She has shared her vision of how our extensive garden can be used as a year round outdoor learning environment and is always eager to get staff and pupil input . Kay has energy and enthusiasm in abundance. She has attracted community involvement to help realise our vision for the garden engaging retired members of our local community, grandparents, parents and pupils. Kay puts the emphasis on fun as she passes on her unending knowledge of the outdoors. Beaumont's School Garden

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
St Brendan's The Glen Senior Citizens

St Brendan's is a non profit making organization serving the over 58's in The Glen and surrounding area. It has a voluntary Board of Management with volunteers; normally activities include walking - bingo - yoga - art - crafts - meditation - singing - dancing - bus outings -trips away etc - a summer and a Christmas party - chiropody service - alternative health service - monthly masses - talks - demonstrations and stand alone events .It's aim is to provide a safe and friendly place for people to meet make friends and get involved in activities. It helps curb isolation and improves mental health and well being.All people involved are over 70 proving that education is a lifelong possibility. All have increased confidence and have stimulated an interest with their friends/ Family members especially grandchildren are very proud.

The Holly Ukes, Hollyhill Library

In 2018, Cork City Libraries & the HSE lunched a new programme to support active retirement in adults over 55 - Beginners Ukulele Classes. Most of the people who participated had no previous ukulele experience but as it transpired they had common goals - to keep learning, make new friends and enjoy life!After the initial 6 weeks of lessons finished, the participants continued to meet and practice the ukulele in the library. During Covid 19 , its members kept the learning sessions going online. They now welcome new members to their advanced ukulele practice sessions in the library.They give back to communitie s On their own initiative they decided to play lunchtime concerts to residents in nursing homes, all on a voluntary basis.They are an inspiration to allThey have proved that It's never too late to learn, to make new friends and to take your like on another journey.

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Exceptional Endeavour Award

Congratulations to our Category Winner : Konrad Im


Konrad Im has co facilitated a 10 week leadership programme with Youth Work Ireland Cork during lockdown. He also completed the bridging the digital divide programme with Cork ETB to help older community member access online support. He carries this knowledge he obtained into his part time role in the sexual health centre as a LGBTI+ sexual health worker. Konrad is also the Voluntary Vice Chair and Events Coordinator of Cork Pride, where he is currently organising education expos to support brighter outcome in health and wellbeing for LGBT Community members. Through his work with the sexual health centre, Konrad facilities lgbt awareness and capacity building workshops for community groups, health workers, businesses and individuals. Along with this, he is also a board member of the Gay Project and recently has joined the board of Colaiste Daibhead. He leads the Gay Straight Alliance Project which aims to support the creation of LGBT groups in Irish Secondary Schools and youth organisations. Finally, Konrad is co-directing and producing an educational documentary showcasing the history of Drag in Cork through the MTU Cork LGBT Society Documentary and Exhibition 'Dragging up the past'. Throughout this year, despite the challenges of Covid-19, Konrad continued to learn two masters programmes in MTU and UCC, along with various other online courses which benefits himself, the community and those who he works with. Konrad Im

The Shortlisted nominations in this category were:
Anna Jakobek

Nominated by Liam O'Sullivan he said 'Anna is 19 year old who stands out as a student who overcame various obstacles by seeing learning and furthering her knowledge as not only a distraction from her issues but in many ways a solution to them. Her willingness to learn new things, take on fresh challenges has been an inspiration to staff and fellow students alike. she is more than willing to volunteer for projects as they are presented to her as well as having a clear idea of her future plans which are ambitious but it is ambition backed up by determination and a willingness to put in the required effort. She has a refreshing attitude to learning that takes pleasure in acquiring new skills and knowledge. Anna Jakobek

Prof. Roy Sleator

Professor Roy Sleator is a model of lifelong learning, (25 years, earning 6 degrees, across multiple disciplines), Sleator is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in education. His alumni, of over 20 PhDs, from diverse and often underrepresented backgrounds, hold prominent positions across the globe. Sleators own lifelong learning journey has enabled him to cross disciplines (Science, Informatics, Education, and Business), institutions (MTU & UCC) and sectors (Industry & Academia); creating connections which have a real and tangible impact on society. Professor Roy Sleator

Our 2021 'Roll Of Honour' also includes :

Inspirational Lifelong Learner Award 

Congratulations to our Category Winner : Tina Neylon 


Tina Neylon

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