Host a Lifelong Learning Event

Festival Hosts collage

What do the Lifelong Learning Festival Event Hosts do? 

Every year we welcome Event Hosts from all over Cork to take part in Corks Lifelong Learning Festival. Our volunteer Hosts create a diverse programme of events across a huge range of subjects each Spring During Festival week. Hosts are individuals, organisations or companies who want to share their knowledge and passion with others. 

We celebrate learning at all levels, on all subjects and for all levels of ability. 

What types of Events are eligible to be part of the Festival? 

We welcome all types of events including Seminars, Fairs, Film, Guided Tours, Talks, Walks, Demonstrations, Open Days, Exhibitions, Performances, Classes, Workshops and Lectures. 

The Festival has developed over the years to explore a huge range of subject matter.  Here's an example of some of the categories our events have fallen into in the past Art, CookeryFood, Nutrition, Politics, Business, Finance, Drama, Languages, Culture, Exercise classes, Environmental issues, Education, Literature, LiteracyScience & Technology, Health Management, History, Genealogy, Music and Creativity.

Requirements of Lifelong Learning Festival Hosts :

  • Your event must be FREE OF CHARGE 
  • Your event must be accessible to all 
  • You must ensure that you have adequate insurance in place

We want everyone to have the ability to access learning opportunities in Cork regardless of their financial situation; all Cork Lifelong Learning Festival Events must be free of charge. 

How long are Festival Events?

Some Festival events run all week long (eg. art exhibitions) some may run for simply an hour or two. There is no minimum or maximum required length for a Lifelong Learning Festival Event. 

Should Booking be Required? 

There are no hard and fast rules about requiring bookings for your event. There is an argument for and against taking bookings. Some potential participants may feel shy or nervous about committing to attend an event in a new environment where they may not know anyone (or anything about the subject matter). 'Open' Events such as Open Days, Exhibitions and Demonstrations may benefit from more footfall if no booking is required. However, if space or resources are limited participants pre-booking provides hosts with an idea of how many people may come along to events and they can plan accordingly. If you'd like participants to book then be sure to indicate how on your event form.