Cork ~ A Learning City All Ways & For All

What is a Learning City?

Defined by UNESCO as 'a city which effectively mobilizes its resources across all sectors to maximise the opportunities for lifelong learning for all its citizens'.

A learning city has developed the following elements:

  • Inclusive learning from basic to higher education
  • learning in families and communities
  • learning for and in the workplace
  • modern learning technologies
  • quality and excellence in learning
  • a culture of learning throughout life

Put simply, we believe that a Learning City IS what a Learning City DOES. 

Cork City has a vibrant, inclusive, quality infrastructure of education from basic to higher education and is home to enthusiastic, involved and committed learning communities. 

Through Corks Lifelong Learning Festival, our Learning Neighborhoods and other Learning Events we are committed to developing Cork as a Learning City for all its citizens - all ways and for all.

Our Projects

Lifelong Learning Festival

Cork’s Annual Lifelong Learning Festival is a celebration of a learning city in action. A week of free events throughout the city and county promoting learning of all kinds across all age groups, abilities and interests, from preschool to post retirement.

UNESCO Conference 2017

Cork was proud to host the third UNESCO International Learning Cities Conference in 2017. This significant and successful event brought over 600 delegates to Cork City; including global representatives from over 100 learning cities and members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

Learning Neighborhoods

This project brings people from city communities together with a range of partners to strengthen the learning opportunities in their area and grow communities. Learning Neighbourhoods also value the importance of recognising and celebrating the existing good work in learning and community engagement throughout Cork.

Our Philosophy

Learning for All

To empower citizens we believe in giving access to and supporting all of our citizens to take up any learning opportunities, at any stage, throughout their lives. We believe that a Learning City supports inclusivity and sustainable development that will benefit all.

Learning for Life

Learning improves the quality of an individual’s life by equipping citizens to anticipate and tackle new challenges, and thus helps build better, more sustainable societies. Learning plays a significant role in promoting social inclusion, a healthy society, economic growth, public safety and environmental protection.

Learning for Sustainable Development

Supporting a culture of lifelong learning in our city will facilitate individual empowerment, build social cohesion, nurture active citizenship and lay the foundation for sustainable development by promoting economic and cultural prosperity.

UNESCO Learning City Award

Cork is one of only 12 cities worldwide have achieved this Award to date, one of just three in Europe and the only Irish city. The Award was presented at the Second International Conference on Learning Cities in Mexico in 2015.

Investigate – Participate – Celebrate!

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