CE report April 2024

Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2024

The 19th edition of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival (CLLF) took place from April 10th to 17th, 2024. This annual event celebrates learning in its various forms, catering to people of all ages and interests while highlighting the abundance of learning opportunities within the city. Emphasising inclusivity, CLLF endeavours to engage those who typically aren't involved in learning activities by hosting free and accessible events throughout the community.

At the heart of CLLF are its guiding principles, which prioritise the collective spirit of learning over individual providers and recruitment efforts. All events are free, and many are designed to be interactive, offering participants hands-on experiences. In 2024, the festival expanded further, boasting 413 unique events held across seven days. The enthusiastic response from both existing and new hosts, spanning various venues, underscored the festival's continued success.

Cork's designation as a UNESCO Learning City since 2017 highlights its commitment to lifelong learning. Over the past 19 years, CLLF has welcomed individuals of all backgrounds to explore new interests and skills through workshops, demonstrations, walks, talks, and more. The festival's inclusive atmosphere encourages attendees to embrace learning in both indoor and outdoor settings, fostering a sense of community and fun.

Behind the scenes, CLLF is organised by a dedicated Steering Committee comprising volunteers from diverse sectors, including University College Cork and Munster Technological University, Cork Education & Training Board, the HSE, primary education, and Learning Neighbourhoods. Together, they ensure the festival's success and impact year after year.