Cork Education Providers Meeting

Gathering of Cork Community Education Providers at Nano Nagle Place Conference Centre on Thursday 25th April 2024.

This was the 10th gathering, all of which have served as a connecting space, networking and information sharing opportunity. There was time to share practice experiences and opportunities to hear short inputs from significant stakeholders - Intercultural Educator and Activist, Cork ETB Youth Services/Councillor and Learners voices.

On this occasion we explored possible aims of Community Education courses and locations as places of ‘Welcome’ and ‘Social Transformation’. These are both expressions of what Community Education offers as concrete relational approaches to addressing personal and community experiences of exclusion, intolerance, and prejudice. Through the speaker insights, the networking and discussion activities, it was a stimulating morning of connection, insight, and energy packed conversations.

This event is collaboratively organised by the Community Education Engagement Group, Cork City Council, CETB & HSE.